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ET22SWG0004 - Boiler Related EE Measure Assessment Study

Project Name
Boiler Related EE Measure Assessment Study
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
Residential & Commercial & Industrial
TPM Category Priority 1
Water Heating
Project Description

This project will be an updated and broad approach to look at specific measures for enhancing the energy efficiency (EE) of boilers in CA IOU territory. Rather than focusing on boiler retrofits, which are already part of the IOU portfolio, this study will investigate the potential for add on and maintenance EE measures for the boiler portion of the heating, how water or process heating part of the system. To do this, we will investigate, the following aspects:
1. Estimated number of boilers by sector/end use
2. Relative prevalence of these measures in commercial and industrial facilities
3. Estimate the cost effectiveness (TRC/BST) of these measures
4. Identify any specific market barriers and/or opportunities to implement these measures
5. Develop a short list of boiler centric technologies that should be added to or optimized for program delivery.

Final Public Facing Report