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The ETCC’s List of Efforts in Response to the Novel Coronavirus

“Is there anything the ETCC can do to mitigate increases in energy use as building owners and managers make changes in response to Covid-19, whether through changes to their HVAC systems or operations or by filtering or treating the air?”

This question, which arose in an ETCC meeting after the statewide shelter-in-place order was issued, led us to look for trends in what organizations are researching, developing, and testing. The result is this list of resources that many of us have found useful, so we decided to make it public.

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The ETCC does not endorse any company or organization listed and is not providing any direct or indirect advice to customers.

Research by National Labs, Universities, and Academic Organizations

  • Berkeley Lab has launched research on virus transmission in buildings.
    • Berkeley Lab Covid-19 Research
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Healthy Buildings program
  • UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute’s May 28, 2020, webinar on reopening schools
  • EPA’s Q&A with Dave Hill on indoor air quality (IAQ) for schools
  • Heated air filter designed to trap and instantly kill the coronavirus, created by University of Houston researchers

Research and Resources by Utilities and Energy Industry Organizations

  • EPRI’s Covid-19 resources
  • Overview of EPRI’s R&D (related to Covid-19 and pandemics) that utilities may join
    • Pandemic-Resilient and Sustainable Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Systems
    • Pandemic Response Strategies for Generation Operations and Maintenance
    • Covid-19 Sequestration Impacts on Air Quality and Health: Phase 2
  • Coronavirus (Covid-19) Response Resources from ASHRAE and Others
  • SCE is conducting Covid-19-related classes (search for “covid”).
  • SDG&E is working with EPRI and EnVerid on an air-scrubber technology that attaches to built-up HVAC systems but may also work on package systems.
  • NEEA is conducting studies on very high-efficiency dedicated outside air systems (VHE DOAS) and on room air cleaners.
  • U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released LEED pilot credits—including requirements for IAQ—addressing reopening during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • NEMA, the American Lighting Association, and UL’s paper on UVC germicidal devices

Resources by For-Profit Organizations

  • Facility Solutions Group’s UV & Germicidal Lighting Solutions
  • 75F’s Healthier Buildings webcast series
  • 75F’s ASHRAE and CDC Reopening Guidelines
  • Ventacity’s COVID resources
  • UL’s guidance on UV lighting’s risk:
    • The Truth About UVC (factsheet)
    • UVC Germicidal Products Reference Guide