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ET24SWE0043 - California Climate and Energy Collaborative Forum

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California Climate and Energy Collaborative Forum
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The Program Team will attend the 15th Annual California Climate and Energy Collaborative (CCEC) Forum on June 25-26, 2024, in Palm Springs, CA. The CCEC is a consortium focused on supporting local governments in California to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and implement climate action by building knowledge and networks amongst local government practitioners. The group hosts an annual forum for attendees, presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors to have a high-quality, non-commercial opportunity to exchange information about current and emerging industry issues. Every year, several hundred local government staff, elected officials, and community organizations come together to collaborate and learn from each other as they work to advance fair and equitable climate change and energy practices The CalNEXT representatives attending will promote the CalNEXT program to stakeholders. This audience is important for future project submissions, technology transfer of projects, and garnering external stakeholder feedback about the program.