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ET24SWE0024 - Commercial Cooktop Fuel Substitution

Project Name
Commercial Cooktop Fuel Substitution
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
TPM Category Priority 1
Process Loads
TPM Technology Family Type 1
Commercial Kitchen Decarbonization
Distribution Report
Project Description

The proposed project will develop a new, commercial cooktop, fuel substitution measure in the CA eTRM for use in the CA Instant Rebates midstream foodservice program and appropriate IOU downstream programs. The existing measure package, SWFS026, for both commercial electric and gas cooktops will be utilized to develop the measure package. The proposed project will support CPUC Decision 23-04-035 by developing a fuel substitution measure package for customers switching from natural gas to electric. The project will provide a fully developed measure package suitable for approval by the CPUC, which will be delivered to the Cal TF measure screening committee, and will include development of a draft measure packet in the eTRM and all review and editing activities required for Cal TF affirmation.