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ET24SWE0026 - IOU PA Quarterly Meetings

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IOU PA Quarterly Meetings
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Cross Cutting
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Project Description

The Program Team will hold quarterly meetings for IOU Program Administrators (PA) to provide specific, strategic opportunities for the IOUs to participate in and engage with the program (e.g. Program Advisory Committee, Fast Track projects). The meetings will include an overview of progress made each quarter, updates from collaboration with CA IOU programs, goals for the Program looking forward, and an opportunity for PAs to interface more directly with members of the Program Team. During all meetings, there will be an opportunity for PAs to ask questions or comment on any of the information presented.

In the past, these meetings have been an effective way to provide updates to IOUs about the CalNEXT program. In 2024, the CalNEXT program implementers hope to garner more feedback from the IOUs that could provide insights on ways to maximize the effectiveness of the program. The large group format of these meetings may inhibit discussion. Therefore, to improve feedback and insights that can improve the CalNEXT program outcomes and to better understand the needs of the IOUs, we will additionally host a series of one-on-one meetings with each IOU. During these individual meetings, the Program Team will ask each IOU a series of questions to garner their input on priorities, needs, general and specific program feedback on what is working well and what can be improved. We will bring the gathered feedback to the IOU PA Quarterly meetings.  We will strive to hold at least two one-on-one meetings with each IOU over the 2024 calendar year. Based on the success of this format, we may hold more.