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ET24SWE0012 - Controllers for Inverter-driven Compressors

Project Name
Controllers for Inverter-driven Compressors
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
TPM Category Priority 1
TPM Technology Family Type 1
High-Efficiency Heat Pumps for Space Heating and Cooling
TPM Category Priority 2
TPM Technology Family Type 2
Scalable HVAC Controls Deployment
Distribution Report
Project Description

The proposed project will evaluate patent-pending compressor controller technology through a field demonstration. The field demonstration entails installing the technology onto an existing VRF system with inverter-driven compressor to understand its potential energy savings. Technology is commercially available. The technology increases the suction pressure of the compressor to optimize the inverter compressor operation when system demand reduction occurs. As a result, the optimization allows for an overall compressor lift decrease, which saves compressor energy while maintaining occupant comfort. To our knowledge, there are no known competing manufactures of this technology or existing EE measure.