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ET23SWG0019 - Market Study on Industrial Furnace Applications

Project Name
Market Study on Industrial Furnace Applications
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TPM Category Priority 1
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Project Description

This project aims to conduct a comprehensive market study on industrial furnace applications, with a primary focus on identifying opportunities for natural gas savings. The study will explore a range of technologies, including radiative recuperators, thermal imaging, insulation, ductwork, fuel/air mixture optimization, and heat recovery systems, all of which can be applied to industrial furnaces.

The main objective of the study is to assess the potential for natural gas savings in industrial furnace applications. It will thoroughly evaluate the feasibility and market potential of the identified technologies, offering actionable recommendations tailored to the Statewide Gas Emerging Technologies (GET) program. Moreover, the study will include an analysis of the environmental impact and customer adoption rates, while also considering any potential barriers that could influence market entry. A final report documenting the findings and feasibility of the technologies will be provided to help the utilities make future recommendations on industrial furnace technologies.