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ET23SWG0018 - Satellite GHG Emissions Mapping

Project Name
Satellite GHG Emissions Mapping
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TPM Category Priority 1
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Project Description

This project will focus on an upcoming technology that utilizes satellites to map methane emissions and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our primary focus will be methane emissions due to leaks on the customer side of the meter. As a market based study that aims to looks at potential market barriers, the goal is to gain a better understanding of current and potential customers of this technology. The main drivers that have lead to satellite implementation include cost savings, preservation of resources, and government led incentive programs.

The industrial and commercial industries across California will be of primary focus. Currently, the largest emitters lie within the oil and gas industry, therefore, there is increased support to offset emissions utilizing equipment replacements, retrofitting, or emissions capture. In addition to these system retrofits, satellite technologies have proven useful as a supplement to 'on-the-ground' advancements in controlling methane emissions. With the advancements and funding agencies that have invested in satellite program launches, there exists the potential to expand upon satellite utilization to lesser known point sources to further reduce the GHG effects of methane leaks. Following a thorough market study as phase 1 of this project, there is the possibility that further program support such as field work, pilot scale testing, and/or outreach efforts will be required as a subsequent phase 2. Furthermore, the insights and conclusions of this project have the potential to lead to the development of custom projects where similar equipment failures/leaks are discovered such that a widespread SEM or BRO approach that would provide additional emissions and cost reductions.