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ET23SWG0011 - Hydronic Space Heating Fluid Additive Field Study

Project Name
Hydronic Space Heating Fluid Additive Field Study
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
TPM Category Priority 1
Project Description

This Gas Emerging Technology (GET) study project is proposed to monitor and analyze the potential gas energy savings from adding a chemical additive to hydronic heating systems in commercial or multifamily buildings in California. These water additives claim to reduce the surface tension of the water improving the heat transfer in building systems and allowing buildings to hit temperature set points more quickly. This reduces the overall heating boiler run time, thereby, saving energy. One manufacturer of fluid additives has provided multiple case studies from various third-parties as evidence that their product indeed saves energy. Additionally, their website lists several utility programs across North America that offer rebates and incentives for their product.
This GET project proposes to install the fluid additive at three (3) multifamily or commercial sites and analyze the gas consumption pre and post-installation using an IPMVP Option B approach. The study results will be documented in a final ET report at the end of the study.