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ET23SWE0026 - Focused Pilot TPM 2023

Project Name
Focused Pilot TPM 2023
Project Number
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Market Sector
Cross Cutting
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Project Description

The Statewide Electric Emerging Technologies Program, branded as CalNEXT, has established the Focused Pilot project type to focus on high-impact technologies which are mature enough to benefit from deployment-focused activities. Technology Focused Pilots (TFP) will identify a comprehensive set of barriers (technology, market, policy, etc.), collaborate with existing programs, and determine how the technology should be transferred to energy efficiency resource programs and in some cases the Market Transformation portfolio. In support of this project type, the Program Team will develop a dedicated Technology Priority Map (TPM) to support development of Focused Pilots projects. The Focused pilot TPM is the culmination of the development of the six category TPMs (HVAC, Plug Loads, Lighting, Whole Buildings, Process Loads, Water Heating) which included a robust process to investigate technical changes, market changes, and policy changes that impact different technology areas. That involved a diverse set of team members including members are active technical contributors to to EE program implementation (in California and elsewhere) as well as key members of the California IOUs Codes and Standards Enhancement Team (CASE) who work day-to-day on Title 20, Title 24, and Federal Appliance standards. This Focused Pilot TPM will create “blueprints” that map the end-to-end market barriers and serve as the starting point for future TFPs. A strong, well-executed Focused Pilot TPM will support cost-effective and scalable incorporation into the IOU portfolios while identifying and coordinating market transformation opportunities. The process will reprise the 2023 TPM Subject Matter Expert (SME) Team made up of Technical SMEs from the project team of Energy Solutions, VEIC, TRC, AESC, UC Davis, and Ortiz Group. Similar to the other TPMs, the SME team will also form an external TPM advisory committee which will include representatives from the CA IOU PAs and third party implementers and will invite input from other emerging technology interests from the State of California, other regions, and national interests.