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ET23SWG0001 - Smart Pump, Multifamily Pilot Study

Project Name
Smart Pump, Multifamily Pilot Study
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
TPM Category Priority 1
Water Heating
Project Description

This Gas Emerging Technology (GET) study project is proposed to monitor and analyze the potential gas energy savings from replacing non-controlled domestic hot water (DHW) circulator pumps with smart circulator pumps. Smart circulator pumps use either a timer, aquastat, timer + aquastat, or an on-demand control via an occupancy sensor or push button to control the pump operation. This GET pilot project proposes to install circulator pumps at eight (8) multifamily sites and monitor and analyze water heater gas consumption. The performance of both the base case representing a non-controlled circulator pump and the measure case representing a smart circulator pump will be evaluated. The study results will be documented in a final ET report at the end of the study.