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ET23SWE0042 - Approved and Completed Projects Webinar

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Approved and Completed Projects Webinar
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The Program Team will hold a virtual event targeted to stakeholders who would be interested in an update on the approved and completed Technology Support Research (TSR) and Technology Development Research (TDR) projects. The purpose of this event will be to provide context for what an approved or completed project entails, why these CalNEXT projects are important for California EE, what impacts they intend to have on the utility portfolios, other research that might be needed to complement ongoing projects, completed research and findings, and open a space for audience members to ask questions. To fit the needs of different stakeholders, the Program Team will split the event into three sections: 1) HVAC and Water Heating, 2) Whole Buildings and Process Loads, and 3) Plug Loads and Appliances and Lighting. Each section will be timed and bookmarked so interested stakeholders can join virtually according to the section(s) of the agenda they are most interested in. Attendees will also be educated about the value of engaging with CalNEXT, with a clear call to action on how to engage and submit ideas.