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ET23SWG0003 - CEA and Greenhouse HVAC Market & Technology Study

Project Name
CEA and Greenhouse HVAC Market & Technology Study
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
TPM Category Priority 1
Project Description

This project is part of a multiphase approach to explore the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) market potential and assess individual technologies impacts on for this customer segment. The first phase of this project is a market assessment of the various technologies and applications in use for CEA indoor facilities and greenhouses in California. The study will investigate the percentage of greenhouses and indoor facilities that are utilizing natural gas equipment, market penetration of new innovated technology, and energy saving potential for increased adoption of new and/or underutilized technologies. Based on the findings in the first phase, a follow up study (Phase two) will be proposed to conduct a more in-depth assessment of the highest potential technologies to identify market barriers and intervention strategies to address these barriers. The end state of both phases will identify cost-effective gas efficiency measures for the CEA sector and present a road map to integration into program offerings, including needs for new or updated measure packages.