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ET23SWE0018 - Commercial Windows Market Study and Measure Package Development

Project Name
Commercial Windows Market Study and Measure Package Development
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
TPM Category Priority 1
Whole Building
TPM Technology Family Type 1
Distribution Report
Project Description

There are currently no deemed savings for high performance windows in commercial buildings in CA. A first step towards assessing the potential for a deemed measure for high performance commercial windows is to understand the market potential for such a measure. A statewide market study will be conducted to develop a deeper understanding of the commercial buildings market for high efficiency window products. Window technology has advanced over the years; however, adoption remains low. The study will include primary research through market interviews and analysis of secondary sources to generate actionable recommendations for increasing the number of high efficiency window projects in California’s IOU territory. In addition, this market study will research savings potential for different climate zones, evaluate new construction and retrofits, and address commercial barriers.    Stakeholder interviews will include customers, building owners, trade organizations, contractors and manufacturers, engineers and architects, energy efficiency professionals, code enforcement personnel, and local community organizations with the goal of fully understanding how commercial windows are treated within the supply chain. The market study will also seek to understand and explain the interactive effects between windows and other building envelope components from a market/supply chain and energy savings perspective. From those interviews, the project team will provide customer journey and value mapping, market and economic analyses, and develop a report of actionable recommendations for a go-to-market strategy.  

Final Public Facing Report