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ET22SWG0005 - Hydrogen Readiness Labeling of Gas Appliances

Project Name
Hydrogen Readiness Labeling of Gas Appliances
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
Residential & Commercial
TPM Category Priority 1
Project Description

This project will explore the feasibility and a possible approach to develop a labeling process in CA (and potentially in the USA) that would provide a uniform means to label gas appliances for use with hydrogen blended natural gas. This would allow the consumers to understand if their appliances could be used for future potential changes to the natural gas fuel mix to address climate change. The UK has recently rolled out a labeling system, and their experiences and process would be a starting point for this effort. The project will not only look at the UK model, but other related topics such as energy consumption impacts that will likely provide a different model than was done in the UK.

Final Public Facing Report