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ET22SWE0040 - High Efficiency Dehumidification System Field Study

Project Name
High Efficiency Dehumidification System Field Study
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
TPM Category Priority 1
TPM Technology Family Type 1
Decoupled HVAC Systems
Distribution Report
Project Description

The High Efficiency Dehumidification System (HEDS) technology of interest is a new and patented technology developed in Southern California with energy savings potential for air handlers with chilled water cooling and hot water reheat. The technology was first developed to address dehumidification issues but has evolved to include and leverage energy efficiency benefits. The technology reduces loads on both the chiller and reheat water source by expanding dehumidification and reheat coils, lowering chilled water flows, and utilizing dehumidification coil outlet flow for reheat purposes. This saves energy over the typical baselined design that has separate dedicated, higher flow chilled water and hot water coils.

The technology supports decarbonization and electrification by eliminating the natural gas consumption common in hot water reheat systems (an important component of dehumidification) while also reducing energy consumption at the chiller. The dehumidification aspects also make the technology a good candidate for providing superior protection against COVID and other airborne viruses. The technology is commercially available and most applicable to buildings with humidity concerns such as hospitals, commercial kitchens, museums, and prisons. However, it can be installed at any facility with single duct system with reheat that is often applied in large commercial buildings, public sector facilities, high schools, and universities.