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ET22SWE0034 - Hybrid Heat Pump and Indirect Evaporative Cooling Packaged Unit (Hybrid RTU)

Project Name
Hybrid Heat Pump and Indirect Evaporative Cooling Packaged Unit (Hybrid RTU)
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
TPM Category Priority 1
Whole Building
TPM Technology Family Type 1
Whole buildings (non-residential)
TPM Category Priority 2
TPM Technology Family Type 2
Non-compressor based HVAC
Distribution Report
Project Description

Indirect evaporative cooling can provide cooling at much higher efficiency in California climates compared to the vapor compression cooling systems currently used in most buildings. In the past, these indirect evaporative cooling systems have been add-ons to roof top packaged units, have required mechanical system designers to be familiar with the systems to correctly design and size the equipment, have required additional controls design, and were more cost-effective only for larger systems. This Hybrid Heat Pump and Indirect Evaporative Cooling Packaged Unit is a single piece of equipment packaged retrofit for typical roof top packaged units in the most common size ranges for small commercial buildings with simple installation and no custom design work required for sizing or controls. This Hybrid RTU equipment is designed to have similar weight and size as typical high efficiency RTU equipment reducing barriers to adoption. This project will laboratory test the production-ready prototype version and produce performance curves that can be used to model and estimate energy savings across many different climates and building types. This technology is not yet commercially available, it is in the advanced prototype stage and getting ready to be mass produced by a large manufacturer. The heat pump is sized to meet the heating requirements for the packaged unit rated capacity and has the typical electric resistance heaters for defrost and to provide supplemental heat if outdoor temperatures are extremely low.