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ET22SWG0003 - Commercial Food Service Market Characterization

Project Name
Commercial Food Service Market Characterization
Project Number
Funding Entity
Market Sector
TPM Category Priority 1
Cooking Equipment
Project Description

This Emerging Technology (ET) study project is proposed to research & analyze energy efficient (EE) technology adoption trends, barriers to EE equipment adoption, and gain feedback on installed EE equipment in the commercial food service (CFS) market to provide actionable recommendations to improve adoption and recommend technologies for further field testing and/or a pilot. This project will examine natural gas fired CFS equipment and CFS equipment that uses hot water including: convection ovens, steamers, fryers, combination ovens, conveyor ovens, griddles, conveyor broilers, rack ovens, steam tables and dishwashers. It will cover chain restaurants, independently owned restaurants, and institutional kitchens (universities, nursing homes, hotels, etc…). The research findings will be presented in the ET report template and will include several easy-to-understand charts and tables. This project aligns with Goal 3 Objective 1 of the 2022 GET Annual Research Plan.

Final Public Facing Report