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ET22SWE0002 - Whole Building TPM (2022)

Project Name
Whole Building TPM (2022)
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Funding Entity
Market Sector
Cross Cutting
Distribution Report
Project Description

The Program Team has established a robust Technology Priority Map (TPM) development process. TPMs will document the impact potential, programmatic research needs, and market readiness of all technology families across each of the end-use technology area which will drive product ideation and inform Project selection. Strong, well-executed TPMs will help externally communicate priorities of the Statewide Electric Emerging Technology Program, clearly define the central focus areas of the program, and assist with Project screening. The process will include formation of the TPM Subject Matter Expert (SME) Team made up of Technical SMEs from the program team of Energy Solutions, VEIC, TRC, AESC, and UC Davis. The SME team will also form an external TPM advisory committee which will include the CA IOU PAs as well as from emerging technology interests from the State of California, other regions, and national interests (e.g. DOE, National Labs, GSA). The 2022 TPM development will begin with the Whole Building TPM which will be a 12-week process concluding near the beginning of Q3 2022.